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Samcara is a robust, award-winning Career Laboratory, committed to support Sanskaarians in their journey from school to National and International Universities.

9th - Students start their career exploration, profile building engagements, bust application myths, attend curated career talks and get their first exposure to International Career Fair.

10th - Students attend subject feasibility and awareness workshops, write subject selection psychometric test, continue to build profile, exposure to summer school and social projects.

11th - Engagement intensifies as we do mandatory career counseling sessions with each student along with their parents. Students start charting their career road map and get exposed to internship opportunities.

12th - Application timelines are clearly laid. Student and parent queries are relentlessly resolved. An ongoing support system is created around students to keep them on top of application and entrance examination deadlines.



The Sanskaar Valley School is an officially registered SAT Center.

We will be conducting the Digital SATs on the following dates: October 24 and 8th March 25

We also conduct the PSAT 8/9 & PSAT NMSQT for our school students every year. This year the PSAT is scheduled to take place on 14th October (may change).

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icse schools bhopal
icse schools bhopal

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The students of the batch 2021-22 have been placed in the following universities :

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Dear Students, If you have any queries related to your college life you can talk to us or our Alumni Community Members who would be more than happy to reply you. Please leave your question in the below:

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