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The management of The Sanskaar Valley School is donned with versatile team leaders who are passionately involved in the holistic development of school and staff alike. Their vast experience and unquenchable thirst to excel, propels the others to exert for the best in every task undertaken. It is their indomitable spirit which has made The Sanskaar Valley School one of the most sought after school ranked among the top 5 in the country today in a short span of 10 yrs.

The Senior Management Team of The Sanskaar Valley School is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way !!

Management Team
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Ms. Jyoti Agarwal : Director

Ms. Jyoti Agarwal is a visionary and the driving force behind the launch of a very reputed and globally recognized public school- The Sanskaar Valley School. As its Director she has lived up to her commitment for upholding a child centered ethos and setting new standards in education. She is also a serving member of the Board of Governors of Daly College, a premium school of the country. Her other accomplishments are the launch of DB Post, Abhivyakti, Sanskaar Vidhya Niketan (school for underprivileged girls), Dainik Bhaskar School of Media Education, Arpan (Vocational training centre) among many others.

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Dr. Dilip K Panda : Head of School

Dr. Dillip Kumar Panda is an Educationist by profession, a sports enthusiast who loves travelling and discovering trails in the Shiwaliks believes that "constant and meaningful communication with the students and fellow workers" should be the hallmark of a school with growth mind-set.

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Ms. Lubna Niazi : Head of Senior School (Shikhar)

Ms. Lubna Niazi is the Head of Senior School. A post graduate in English, (M.A., M.Ed) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Special education Needs, she started her career as a banker after college, before finding her calling in education.

Ms Niazi is of the belief that education is the only possibility that can create human beings with goodness that arises out of harmony between mind and heart, where there is craving to learn and grow with objectivity, and an urge to seek a balanced and contended life. Children if educated well can transform the society into a desirable abode. She has always maintained that she is a part of a Community of Learners, who don’t teach but rather nurture students who seek learning.

With this vision, she has served as an educator for over 21 years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, nature walks and travelling.

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Ms. Swapna Choubey : Head of Middle School (Sopaan)

Ms Swapna Choubey is the Head of Middle School. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our community. She is a proud founder member of the school who comes with a vast experience in the field of Mathematics.

She has always demonstrated her commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth and ideological alignment to the school's vision. She strives to provide a positive and holistic experience to encourage students to explore, ask questions and be themselves as they navigate new academic, social and emotional challenges.

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Ms. Neetu Singh : Head of Aadhar (Elementary School)

Ms. Neetu Singh, the Head of Kindergarten is a Graduate in Psychology. She loves to travel and cooking is her passion. She has been working with children for the past 15 years; was the Head of Abhivyakti for 8 years and is also a Founder Teacher of The Sanskaar Valley School. A people's person; she is creative and a multitasker and her love for children makes her the most popular figure in Aadhar.

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Ms. Manpreet Bhan : Head of Prangan (Junior School)

Ms. Manpreet Kaur Bhan, is in the field of Education with a wide and rich experience in most of its related fields. She loves children and sees them as one big string of humanity. Admiring abilities yet passionately nurtures those who need suitable opportunities to grow.

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Mr. Vikas Ajmera : Head of Administration & Finance

Mr. Vikas Ajmera has a rich experience in the area of financial management and exhibits strong capabilities that promote team building. Understanding the nuances of school management, he promotes a working environment where virtues like hard work and honesty thrive. With his effective communication skills, he has been able to ensure a strongly bonded team of administrators. A penchant to explore nature, he loves visiting places with rich green spread.

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Mr. Nived Mishra : Dean of Sports

With his life mantra as "Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is", Nived Mishra is a highly energetic and dedicated sportsperson with strong work ethics. An NLP practitioner, ICF Life Coach, ISSA Elite Fitness Expert, ICC level two Cricket Coach and a Yogi, he believes in putting educational lessons into practice and is adept in behavioral modification motivational techniques and cooperative Learning. With cricket as his passion, he has played for the Poland National Cricket Team and has been an active member of the Sledgehammer foundation.