Admissions Open 2024-25
Yahvi Shivnani

School is the second Home and Teachers second parents and that's TSVS for our Daughter Yahvi who started off at Aadhar.If there's a happiest place on Earth for her,it's only TSVS. As parents we have always been thrilled with outstanding and innovative practices to educate young minds in all fields be it academic or Non Academic.Each day she explores a new concept with so much ease that we never have to sit and explain any concept to her. She has definitely benefited amd bloomed from the overall ethos, surroundings and culture at the school.

Hinishka Dilip Shivnani (Mother)

Sanskaar Valley
Hardik Raichandani - 8F

We are the parents of Hardik Raichandani. He is studying in grade VIII F. He has been in the school for four years. TSVS has been a unique experience for my child. It has positively impacted our lives as well. We have noticed progressive changes in Hardik’s academic and personal growth. He participates in all the activities and competitions and has turned into a confident young child.

I am forever grateful to the school for its significant role in Hardiks education and growth. My heartfelt thank you to the school administration for providing the best environment to the kids and all the teachers who are dedicated towards child’s welfare.

All the best to TSVS team for the future endeavours. You guys rock.

Sanskaar Valley
Aanchal Shukla

We are Aanchal Shukla's parents and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole sanskaar department. Teachers, Management, Didi's & Bhaiya's for their efforts, guidance, and love towards our children. Teachers are so helpful, patient and full of encouragement and enthusiasm that they bring out the best from each and every child so that they do their best. It is so graceful to see how much hard work they put behind every single event so that it turns out to be entertaining and educational both. The Management itself is equally focusing on laying out strategies for overall development of kids to ensure that they shine like a bright start in the outer world and our kids also feel as their second home. We can't Thank you enough TSVS for giving Aanchal a wonderful platform to prove herself and making all of us proud. Keep it up TSVS. All the Best!!!

Sanskaar Valley
Aarna Sharma - 3B

I am writing to extend my heartfelt congratulations on the successful organization of the "Incredible India" event. It was a truly remarkable experience, and I am grateful for the effort put forth by the entire school community to bring this celebration of Indian culture to life.

The event showcased the richness and diversity of Indian traditions, customs, and heritage. From the vibrant dances and mesmerizing music performances to the captivating exhibitions of Indian art, clothing, and culinary delights, every aspect of the event was meticulously planned and executed.

We were particularly impressed by the level of detail and authenticity. It truly felt like a journey through the different regions of India, with each class offering a unique glimpse into the cultural treasures of the country.

Moreover, the involvement of students and teachers in presenting various aspects of Indian culture highlighted the immense talent and dedication within our school community. I was deeply moved by the passion and enthusiasm exhibited by everyone involved, whether it was through mesmerizing dance performances, informative presentations, or mouthwatering food.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers specially to Deepti ma'am (Class teacher of 3B) with her passion and enthusiasm for teaching made this activity even more enjoyable. Deepti ma'ams dedication in providing an engaging and educational experiences is truly commendable. Deepti ma'am and all students who poured their time, energy, and creativity into making the "Incredible India" event a resounding success. Ma'ams hard work, dedication, and commitment are truly inspiring.

Once again, congratulations on this exceptional achievement. I am proud to be part of a school community that goes above and beyond to provide such enriching experiences for its students.

Shweta Gaurav Sharma (Mother)

Sanskaar Valley
Gyaanavi Sood - 3F

Have you ever got an opportunity to see all states of India, INCREDIBLE INDIA at one place? I got ..!! Today I got an opportunity to see an Incredible India at The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal Truly amazing representation of all states by Sanskaarians. Kudos to School for making this year Independence day truly Incredible!!

Dr. Ruchi Sood (Mother)

Sanskaar Valley
Rashmil Raj - 5F

As soon as we entered the Prangan block everyone could utter only one word was "AMAZING". The whole block was decorated beautifully with vibrant colours depicting the incredible India. Class rooms were nicely decorated into different Indian states and all the children were fluent and confident in there respective roles. All credit goes to untiring efforts of dedicated teachers. Thank you so much for such a mesmerizing event.

Rupali Ahirwal (Mother)

Sanskaar Valley