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A parent always wants to see their child grow up to do something new, we also expect something similar for Akshaj and maybe that's why we chose Sanskaar Valley School. We saw a lot of positive changes in our child. The best change is visible in Akshaj's communication skills., he talks about everything with respect and that makes us feel proud. We willingly thank all the teachers for keeping the class and school environment so good that our child is always ready to go to school without any trouble.

Charu Abhishek Dubey
Student - Akshaj Dubey




We are Prashast Prajapati's parents, and our trip from Aadhar to Sopaan has been incredible. Along with being excellent and well-trained educators, the teachers at this school are devoted to their students. The kid-friendly large campus is very well maintained, as are the services. Nothing made the online school feel different or less capable than the offline school during the pandemic, which made it an excellent and fantastic experience. Brilliant teaching methods are used in Sopaan. The teachers work closely with the students and do everything they can to instil confidence in them. Additionally, the instructors are very open-minded and helpful, and they are always willing to lend a hand. Thank you TSVS!

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Naivedya Agrawal- 5C

As Parents we would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire TSVS family - Teachers, Management, Didi's & Bhaiya's for their continuous efforts, guidance, and love towards our children. Teachers are so helpful, dedicated, and full of encouragement that they bring out the best from each and every child. It’s amazing to see how much hard work they put behind every single event so that it turns out to be entertaining and educational both. The Management is equally focusing on laying out strategies for overall development of kids to ensure that they shine like a bright start in the outer world. Didi's and Bhaiya's show so much care and patience towards our kids that they feel TSVS is like their 2nd home. We are highly obliged to the TSVS family for inculcating right values and motivating Naivedya to achieve amazing results in all areas and not just in studies. We can't Thank you enough TSVS for giving Naivedya a wonderful platform to prove himself and making all of us proud. Keep it up TSVS. All the Best!!!

Naivedya Mother
Rajni Agrawal

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At the age of 5, excited to go to a new school, I recall my first day at The Sanskaar Valley School. The teachers were very kind and caring, and they encouraged me to develop as much as I could at such an early age. From nurturing me in Aadhar and guiding me in Prangan and Sopaan to providing me with a plethora of learning opportunities in Shikhar, the school has helped me in every way possible. I can proudly say that my journey at The Sanskaar Valley School has been perfect from the very beginning.

As Chirag's parents, we are extremely happy that our son had such an enjoyable school life. If we had to describe his journey at The Sanskaar Valley School in a word, it would be splendid.

Reena Arora and Jitendra Arora (parents)
Chirag Arora

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