Admissions Open 2024-25
Workshop on Data Importance and Analysis by Azim Premji University 

Date of Upload: 2024-04-23

The workshop, Decipher Data, held on April 16, 2024, aimed to elucidate the significance of data in decision-making processes across various domains such as economics. Attendees delved into methodologies of data collection, analysis software, variable types, and essential skills required for effective data analysis.

There were a lot of key points such as the importance of data, collection methods, different types of softwares used to analyse data, variable types, data analysis techniques, skills required, opportunities for data analysts, and much more. Attendees also learnt about the benefits and drawbacks for different graphs and charts, as well as learnt some basics of Excel and how it can be used to represent and analyse data.

The workshop provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of data's pivotal role in decision-making processes. By exploring various methodologies, analysis techniques, and software, participants gained insights into harnessing data effectively across diverse domains. Emphasis was placed on the importance of data visualization and the cultivation of essential skills for proficient data analysis.

We extend our gratitude to the workshop organizers, facilitators and Anjali ma'am for their invaluable insights and guidance in enhancing participants' understanding of data importance and analysis.

Ahaan Verma and Suhani Simhal
12 AL Students
The Sanskaar Valley School