Admissions Open 2024-25
House Meeting – Udyam House 

Date of Upload: 2024-03-20

The Udyam House Meet kicked off with an interactive introduction session. Each senior member had the opportunity to present a quick showcase about themselves. They shared fun facts, hobbies, or memorable experiences, ensuring everyone got to know them beyond their roles. This activity fostered camaraderie and broke down barriers among members. 

In this activity, we harnessed the collective creativity of around 100 students. We set up suggestion stations around the venue where students could write down their Iideas on sticky notes related to improving Udyam House. These included event ideas, linitiatives, or improvements to existing processes. Afterward, all suggestions were gathered and displayed for everyone to see. Through group discussion and voting, we prioritized the most popular and feasible ideas to implement. This activity encouraged active participation, empowered students to contribute to their House's growth, and fostered a sense of ownership and belonging. 

It ended with extreme passion as each IJDYAMITE was screaming the new official house chant, "We are IJDYAM!" with full enthusiasm. 

Sanskaar valley
Sanskaar valley