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Economic Times TechEdu Summit 2024 

Date of Upload: 2024-03-14

The Economic Times TechEdu Summit 2024 was held in Mumbai on March 7th, 2024. Hosted by The Economic Times, this summit, brings together visionaries, educators, and stakeholders to delve into the transformative potential of technology in education.

The Economic Times TechEdu Summit 2024 was a pioneering conference dedicated to exploring the intersection of education and technology. With a theme centered around 'Innovate, Transform, and Elevate,' the summit aimed to unravel the intricate dynamics of technological advancements shaping the future of education.

Topics ranged from EdTech and Artificial Intelligence to emerging concepts like the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and gamification.

The event witnessed active participation from various stakeholders in the education sector, including:

Chairpersons/Owners/Directors of educational institutions


Vice Principals/IT Heads/School Counsellors

Key Insights and Learnings:

Attendees gained invaluable insights and learnings from the summit, including:

  • Strategies to infuse technology seamlessly into classroom environments.
  • Approaches to tailor education to meet the diverse needs of students, particularly those belonging to Generation AI.
  • Exploration of innovative tools and platforms for mobile learning.
  • Best practices for integrating digital tools into curriculum design and pedagogical approaches.
  • Guidelines for effectively implementing the principles outlined in the National Education Policy 2020.

This Summit inspired educators and stakeholders to embrace technological innovations and reimagine education for the digital age. The insights gleaned from this summit will undoubtedly shape the school's strategies for fostering a dynamic and future-ready learning environment.