Admissions Open 2024-25
Welcome Day -Prangan 

Date of Upload: 2024-03-06

“School bells are ringing loud and clear; vacation’s over, school is here.”

On the first day of the new session, March 4th, the students embarked on a journey filled with prayers, gratitude, and joyful bonding. Students were greeted with a lively music fiesta in Prangan.

Students in Grade II enjoyed the buddy game where both new and old students discovered their buddies. The excitement continued with the pick-the-chit activity, where they enthusiastically followed instructions, sharing jokes, creating funny voices, and dancing. Laughter filled the air as they indulged in creative expressions. Engaging in a craft activity, they proudly made neckties representing their house. After a delightful meal, they bid farewell at 1pm, cherishing the memories they made.

Grade III students enjoyed an entertaining game Get Grab Go. It provided an engaging method for them to interact. Additionally, the students created their own ties that reflected them as "super kids with responsibility."

Grade IV students created their own "passport" for The Sanskaar Embassy. They personalized it with their name, photo, and personal details, sparking their imagination and enthusiasm for the journey ahead followed by the Ice cream scoop filing activity where they filled ice cream scoops with their hobbies, dislikes, a buddy's name, and a happy moment. As students departed with their passports and memories of a fun-filled day, they eagerly anticipated the adventures that awaited them in the academic year ahead.

Grade V students narrated stories with simple props and made bag tags in their respective house colours, symbolizing their allegiance and belongingness to their school community.

The Welcome Day activities not only fostered a sense of belongingness but also laid the foundation for a year filled with learning, growth, and cherished memories.

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