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MU20 Summit - Emerald Heights & NMIMS Indore 

Date of Upload: 2023-11-01

The summit saw an overwhelming participation of over 2,500 students from diverse backgrounds and regions involving more than 100 esteemed schools across the nation. On the first day, our school showcased its commitment to culture and heritage by participating in the cultural walk, which was themed "Gujarat's Patola and Ajrakh." Our students not only displayed their enthusiasm but also their knowledge of these traditional art forms. We were appreciated and applauded by the cheerful crowd and the judges Ashley Rebello and Ritu Kochhar and received special mention in the same. Following the cultural walk, there was a mesmerizing live concert, which left the audience in awe. 

The second day was equally eventful, with some of our students engaging in various challenges. A group participated in the Entrepreneur Challenge, where they exhibited their innovation and entrepreneurial skills.  Notably, Capital Quest: Dive into Funding and Finance with the Crowdfunding Challenge involving 20 teams across the nation.  TSVS Team comprising-Saksham Telkar, Samarth Sabhnani, Atharva Gupta secured 2nd position in the finance gaming challenge and won an investment of 50000 INR in their idea. 

Another set of students took part in the Debate Challenge, showcasing their ability to articulate and defend their viewpoints.  On 28th October, the team comprising Aditya Mandloi, Aashna Singh and Pranav Hari Prakash was up against Rajkumar College Rajkot for Australian Parliamentary Debate, with limited research sources and time, it was a very challenging debate for all of us. However, we won the debate. On 29th October, our first debate was the Policy Making Debate against Daly College. Our policies were revealed to us right before the debate and it was needed to come up with 3-minute speeches. However, we won the debate too and were recognised by the OC for immaculate teamwork.

Meanwhile, some of our students participated in the Model United Nations (MUN), demonstrating their global awareness and diplomacy.  The achievements at the event were no less, namely Dhruv Manshani Best delegate (USA) UNODC, Adveta Singh High Recommendation (ECOFIN), Prashast Prajapati (USA) and MUN Verbal Mention: - Yuvraj Jain (ILO), Ayush Singh Rajput (ILO), Arham Jain (UNEP), Suryaansh Passey (WHO). The day concluded with a vibrant carnival in the evening, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Additionally, our school also made its mark in the MU20X Challenge based on the lines of TEDX, further underscoring our students' excellence in multiple domains where Aditya Mandloi was one of the distinguished speakers. Also, two of our students namely, Nikita Idnani and Eshna Agrawal, have made to the MU 20 Under 20 list formed on the lines of Forbes Under 30. These students have competed with other worthy students across the nation. 

On the third day, it was time to recognize and celebrate the dedication and hard work of our students. Awards were given to those who excelled in their respective challenges and competitions, acknowledging their outstanding contributions. It was a proud moment for our school as we saw our students shine on this prestigious platform. Overall, the summit was a resounding success.

Teacher in charge: Dr Suchi Shukla

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