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Commemoration of the 77th year of India's independence 

Date of Upload: 2023-08-11

Commemorating the 77th year of Independence the History teachers are reflecting on the ethical, moral and nationalist aspects of the freedom movement in their respective lessons. The Gandhian ideology and the Chapati Movement of 1857 in Mathura, near Agra were explained.The sensitive borderline of India and the disputed territories were explained through the Map of India. Wars fought by India and Indo-China relations were also covered. Udham Singh, General Dyer and the Jallianwala massacre were also explained. Role of Scientists, the film industry and players of India in the freedom struggle were taken forward by the teachers.

National Anthem Code of Conduct and the difference between the unfurling and the hoisting of the National Flag was uniformly taken up across grades.

The objective of the initiative was to encourage a national perspective and critical thinking by reviving the past.

Sanskaar valley
Sanskaar valley