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Assembly- Grade VE (Tribute to Nature- Our Mightiest Guru’) 

Date of Upload: 2023-07-24

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”

This beautiful quote byWilliam Wordsworth was the Thought for the Day shared by Grade VE students in their class assembly on the topic ‘Tribute to Nature- Our Mightiest Guru’.The assembly aimed to show reverence and gratitude to the greatest teacher of all time, Nature,who inspires, motivates, and enlightens us.

The assembly began with the school song, a short prayer for Natureand the news update. This was followed by a short performance showcasing the divine relationship between a disciple and the guru (teacher) through a popular devotional poem "Guru Govind Dou Khade…" and the mesmerizing dance performance by a group of girls, who gracefully portrayed the essence of the "Guru Vandana" song, paying homage to nature as our guiding force.

The students emphasized on the invaluable lessons the nature imparts.From the patience of a seed to the resilience of a tree, they reminded of the wisdom that nature imparts.

In a captivating skit titled ‘The Future of the Present,’ the students made everyone aware of the harm we are causing to our environment and aimed to inspire everyone to take action and contribute to a sustainable future. 

Through an engaging narrative, the studentsshed light on the Sustainable Development Goalshighlighting the importance of responsible consumption and production (SDG 12), the preservation of life below water (SDG 14), and the conservation of life on land (SDG 15). 

A soul-stirring song dedicated to nature filled the assembly hall with its melodious tunes. The heartfelt lyrics emphasized the significance of respecting and nurturing our environment. 

At the end students extendedtheir gratitude to all the participants who made this assembly a memorable event. They urged everyone to take the lessons learnt, strive to protect our environment, and ensure the preservation of the Earth's beauty and sustainability for future generations.

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