Debate Competition 

Date of Upload: 2023-07-21

"Let's Agree to Disagree" Debate Extravaganza!

Topic: "Book Smart is Better than Street Smart"

A Clash of Minds and Wits!

In an electrifying display of intellect and charisma, students of Grade V took center stage at the "Let's Agree to Disagree" debate competition on Friday, 21st July, where the fiery topic "Book Smart is Better than Street Smart" ignited passionate arguments and sparked thought-provoking discussions.

Debaters Shine like Stars

The participants' brilliance illuminated the event hall as they eloquently presented their cases with the confidence of seasoned orators. Their astute stage presence and captivating body language had the audience hanging on to every word.

Clash of Titans - Handling the Interjectors

The heat of the debate intensified when the interjectors fired rapid questions at the participants. Undeterred, the debaters displayed their quick thinking, deftly parrying each challenge with knowledge and wit.

Minds Sharp as Blades - Research Work and Evidential Arsenal

The battleground of ideas was fortified with a formidable array of research work and evidence. Participants armed themselves with facts, statistics, and real-life examples, each vying to outshine the other with a well-crafted argument.

The Grand Verdict

The esteemed panel of judges marveled at the intellectual acumen displayed by the students. They praised the captivating presentations and appreciated the thoughtful insights shared by each debater.

Conclusion: Where Minds Met

The "Let's Agree to Disagree" debate competition provided a platform for young minds to collide and create a constellation of ideas. As the curtain fell on this intellectual extravaganza, it was evident that the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom knows no bounds.

We salute the participants for their brilliance and dedication to the art of debate. Until we meet again, let us embrace the beauty of diverse perspectives and celebrate the power of dialogue.

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