Date of Event: 24th October, 2017

Math Trivia

The Sanskaar Valley , School

Math Trivia

Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences.

Dated: 24th October 2017

To enhance the rational and logical thinking among the students, we are organizing a quiz competition “MATH TRIVIA” on 24th October 2017. Let us sensitize our students to feel the beauty of mathematics and to develop mathematical aptitude. Apart from regular studies in the block, students will get ready to face the challenges of mathematics with a BAAAAAANG !!!!!

The Programme is as follows:

1. The quiz will be conducted in the respective classrooms during the competition time.

2. Class teachers and co-class teachers will conduct the quiz on the smart boards.

3. It is mandatory for all the students to participate in the event.

4. To gear up the team spirit among the students the competition will be team wise.

5. The class teachers will brief the students about the rules of the quiz.


Math Deptt.                                                                                                         Head of Sopaan