Date of Upload: 9th October, 2017

Diwali Celebrations-Aadhar

Dear Parents,

Diwali is a festival of lights, of giving and sharing, of love and joy!  It heralds the onset of winters, and one can see everyone gearing up for the festival-cleaning their houses, making namkeens and sweets and shopping for new clothes. Aadhar of course believes in celebrating each festival with full fervour and excitement! So, we will be celebrating Diwali this time over 2 days….12th as well as 13th October, 2017. Children have to come dressed in festive traditional clothes on Thursday i.e.12th October for the celebration in traditional style with rangoli making, decorating of class, Diwali Party, Dance etc. 13th October i.e Friday will be a day full of games and fun in the class to add to the gaiety and kids have to come in smart casual clothes on that day.

Diwali is also a festival that teaches the value of sharing with each other. To inculcate this in our kids, we have also  planned a class party on the 12th where kids will get eatables from home to share with each other as well as some items like buntings and flowers to decorate the class. The teachers have divided the items to be brought amongst the children in each class and the list will be sent on the class Whatsapp group.