Date of Upload: 9th August, 2017

Celebrating Incredible India!!!

Dear Parents,

                                                Seasons Greetings!!!

As you all know we at The Sanskaar Valley School like our children to celebrate all festivals in school. We had a great Holi & Eid celebration and now it is time to celebrate our Country and its festivals.

Over the next 10 days there is a lot happening in Aadhar; we are going to celebrate Janamashtmi and then our national festival; Independence Day. The entire month the children will learn about the varied cultures and traditions of different states of our country. As you all know each class is representing a state, which means over this month they will decorate the classes and learn about the food, dances, costumes, festivals, monuments, famous personalities and languages spoken in that state…to the extent they have already started wishing in that language.

On the 17th the children will visit all the other sections and experience 17 states of India within the block; they will be able to taste food and enjoy different dances of our country. On the 18th parents are invited to school from 9.30 to 12.30; they can visit all classes and experience the Incredible India!!!

And of course no celebration would be complete without your participation and support, the children in the class through a draw have been allotted what they have to bring. To make this learning an enriching experience, we would like you to dress up your kids on the 17th & 18th of August according to the theme of that state. (The class teacher will give you more detail about the dress up)

On the 11th of August we will be celebrating Janamashtmi with our customary ‘Matki Phod’ and will also do flag hoisting. You are requested to dress up your children in traditional Indian clothes on this day.

We look forward to having you here on the 18th.

Best Wishes

Neetu Singh

Head of Aadhar