Date of Upload: 12th April, 2017

Sports Summer Camp- 2017

Classes: Grade 4 – Grade 12         Timings: 6:45am to 8.30am

Dates: 10 May - 10 June 2017 - Basketball, Badminton and Swimming (By Specialist Coaches)

Date: 15 May – 31 May - Soccer (By Arsenal Soccer School) - India’s Leading Football Grassroots Development Programme

6 Sessions per Week for 90 Minutes Each by an Expert Coach

Limited Numbers per Batch (20-30) On First come First Serve Basis

Event Fee ( Rs.)
Badminton 2000
Soccer 4200
Swimming 2000
Basketball 2000

TRANSPORT - Optional (If Required)

Rs.-1500/- One Month - Rs.-1000/- For 15 days


Transport Provided As Per Routes Given Below

Bus Route - 1 Bus Route - 2 Bus Route - 3
Lal Ghati 5:40am Ayodhya Nagar Thana 5:35am Misrod 5:30am
Gohar Mahal 5:40am Mahatma Gandhi School
Chouraha,Awadhpuri 5:44am
Danish Nagar 5:35am
Polytechnique Square 5:45am Prabhat Petrol pump 5:50am Danapani Restaurant 5:40am
Roshanpura 5:50am Board office 6:00am Aakriti Eco City 5:50am
Jawahar Chowk 5:55am 1100 Quarters Choraha 6:15am Shaitan Singh Chouraha 6:00am
Depo Chouraha 6:00am Nehru Nagar Choraha 6:20am Kali Mandir Kolar Road 6:10am
TSVS 6:30am TSVS 6:30am TSVS 6:30am

Payment At: TSVS Accounts Office/ TSVS Bank Account

Batches & Transport Will Be Organized Based On the Registrations and Minimum Numbers Required

Essentials to Carry - Kit (Based On Activity), Water Bottle, Glucose/ Sunscreen, Cap

Deadlines for Registration & Payment - April 18, 2017 :

Registration Link : Registration Form

For Queries contact Sports Department: 9977500974 / 9165660742