Date of Upload: 10th April, 2017

I CAN. Conference - 28th and 29th April 2017

Dear Parents,

I write to you today to keep you conversant with our sustained commitment to providing your child with the very best in educational philosophy by continuing our association with I Can. Most of you are already aware of I Can., and I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm in support of this activity that is so dearly looked forward to by our students. For those of you who are unaware of I Can., it is an educational movement that seeks to provide innovative methods to impart high-school students with the skills and experiences they require to become and remain internationally competitive in the spheres of their choosing.

During an I Can. Conference, your child will be involved in simulating real-life situations across the socio-political and economic spectrum. This will allow them to gain insights into the various paths that their life may take in the coming years – to gain a measure of their existing skills and preferences – and to become more aware of both them and of the world waiting for them after school.

All students have been asked to apply for the Conference. There is a specific focus in the application as to the possible roles that can be undertaken. It would be of utmost benefit to your child’s experience if you helped them decide what role to apply for.

I would like to reiterate that our relationship with I Can. has opened doors to various other avenues like entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial incubation support to the students, in addition to potential connections with career counsellors and mentors. I Can. also endeavours to provide The Sanskaar Valley students with the very latest iterations of their simulations, giving them that subtle edge which is so very important today.

Modelled as a two-day long conference, TSVS-ICAN. 2017 will begin on the 28th of April, 2017 (Friday), on campus at The Sanskaar Valley School. On Day 1, the Conference will commence at 8.00am and end at 7:30pm, and on Day 2, it will begin at 8.00am and end by 8:30pm.

There is a nominal administrative charge of INR 2,300 for every participant (which will be paid in entirety to I Can.). I would like to emphasize that conducting an I Can. Conference usually costs anywhere between INR 3,500 and INR 13,500 per head, but because of our strong relationship with I Can., the administrative charge has been kept to a bare minimum.

The intention of the School is purely to augment the learning your child receives and hence we strongly urge you to push them to participate. This is going to be a rare opportunity for them to try out possible future career paths and will help them in developing an informed identity. We encourage you to consider this an investment in your child’s personality and future, not just a fee to an event.

Please note that the participation for the event can only be done by completing the Registration Form online and the enrollment fee will be deducted from the imprest account of the child and hence no other forms of payment will be acceptable to the school. Since the numbers of intakes for the conference are limited, students will be enrolled on a first come first basis only and once registered; the participation cannot be cancelled. The registration will close after 15 April 2017.

We hope that you will choose to partner with us in accelerating the holistic development of your child.

Thank you.
Warm Regards,
Dr. Amlan K. Saha