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Sanskaar Valley strongly believes in enhancing the skills of individuals by conducting various Workshops, Training Sessions, Seminars and Activities Program. Teachers and Students are encouraged to perform better by developing the weaknesses into strength, and then honing the strengths.

Our focus is to engage students' potential in order to assist them in achieving their personal and academic goals, and to develop responsible and responsive citizens for the future.

Date : Date: 30th-31st January 2018

To ensure that our class XII students are confident and fully prepared to ace the ISC board examinations, a two days’ workshop for Business Studies was organized under the expert guidance of Ms. Pratibha Singh from Hutching School, Pune.

Date : 20th & 21st December 2017

Ms. Vineeta Chauhan and Mr. Somnath Ganguly conducted a History workshop for the students of ICSE class X. This two day workshop on 20th & 21st December 2017 revolved around essential guidance on examination skills, subject revision and answer presentation.

Date : 2nd December 2017

Ms Adarsh Wadhwa conducted an ISC Accounts Workshop for Grade XII to augment their knowledge of the subject. She discussed the entire syllabus stressing on newly included topics, marking scheme and presentation style to optimize grades and other exam skills to excel in the upcoming board examinations.

Date : 27th - 28th November 2017

The students of Grade XII enriched their knowledge of various aspects of Commerce under the expert guidance of Mrs Rani Bhatia from Kanpur in the Commerce Workshop conducted on 27th and 28th November 2017.

Date : 25th November 2017

ICSE Geography Workshop for Grade X was conducted on 25th November 2017 by Ms Mahua Chatterjee. The students got an opportunity to deliberate at length about subject-specific queries regarding toposheets, decrypting the map right, best answering style to optimize grades and other exam skills to ace the upcoming board examinations.

Date : 24th – 25th November 2017

A Commercial Studies examination workshop was conducted by Mr. Bhaskar Basu on 24th – 25th November 2017 for the students of Class X AB. The workshop included a revision of the entire syllabus, discussion on mock papers & previous years’ question paper and commonly committed errors by students.

Date : 23rd – 24th November 2017

The Department of Mathematics conducted an intensive 2-day exam skills workshop for the ICSE students of Class X. The goal of the workshop was to solidify students’ understanding, clear their concepts and to impart them the skills to score well.

Date : 23rd – 24th October 2017

To help the IGCSE students of grade X be on top of their game in the upcoming board examinations, Ms Pallavi Jha from British School, New Delhi conducted an IGCSE Geography workshop enabled students to hone their exam skills.

Date : 16th - 30th September 2017

With an objective to empower teachers to weave technology into their lessons and make their lectures more interesting and innovative, a training was conducted by Depedagogics, Gurgaon where trainers gave 8 hours training to each teacher. The sessions covered many tech-tools for content creation, content sharing, formative assessment & group projects and teachers received a hands-on experience on OneNote, Padlet, Quizlet, Sway, Office Mix, Kahoot, Forms and Office 365.

Date : 15th September 2017

Mr. Bibhuti Sinha, Trainer from Juana Technology, New Delhi provided training to the ICT staff of the school to use Office 365 tools effectively for Educators. He discussed the strengths of the software that promote effective classroom management and school administration.

Date : 7th July - 12th August 2017

Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa, IT Manager of the school in association with her team conducted training on the topic "Build a Collaborative Classroom and Increase Productivity using OneNote". As part of the training, the trainers explained the power of Digital Notebook Software 'OneNote' with special emphasis on the software's strength to allow effective collaboration, personalised learning and special learning tools for differently abled students. The training was completed in two slots of 1 hour each.

Date : 8th July – 5th August 2017

Mrs Sonia Wadhwa, the IT Manager of the school & her team conducted an ICT training on formative assessment tool Kahoot for all the teaching staff. Kahoot is an effective tool to conduct formative assessments, engage students through fun games & quizzes and also to conduct surveys.

Date : 30th June 2017 - Sopaan, 4th-5th July 2017- Shikhar

An IT training on Content sharing and Learning Management Tool-Edmodo was conducted by Ms. Sonia Wadhwa, the IT Manager of the school for the teachers of grades VI to XII where they were introduced to tools to create class groups and share digital content, links to resources, assignments and notes with the students through the portal. The teachers were also trained to build their own content library using the portal.

Date : 15th June 2017

Maths Workshop Prangan Teachers by Divesh Bathija

Date : 25th February 2017

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere"

Lot of curiosity and excitement was seen among the Aadhar Teachers during the IT workshop session.

Date : 23th February 2017

The department of English conducted an orientation session for the students of class 9 on the 23rd of February.

Next Level - 2016

Date : 21st December 2016

ISC Environmental Science workshop by the resource person Amita Ganguly from Kolkata

Date : 15th December 2016

ICSE workshop on Biology by Dr Shawli Saha

Date : 19th December 2016

ISC Physics for the batch of 2017 workshop in progress. Examination Skills - A key ingredient

Date : 19th December 2016

History workshop for the batch of 2017 in full swing by our internal resource person Ms. Vineeta on Examination Skills

Date : 19th December 2016

Accounts workshop for ISC batch of 2017 by Mrs. Adarsh Wadhwa 

Date : 22nd January 2017

ICSE Physics workshop by Mr. Abhijeet Biswas, St.Xavier's School, Kolkata

Date : 21st January 2017

ICSE English Examination workshop

by Ms.Ranjini Krishnaswamy, Director Principal of Billabong High Internation School, Thane.

Date : 14th January 2017

Study Skills Workshop 'Make The Monster Your FriendÂ’

For Grade 7th and 8' to warm up students before the year-end exams and empower them with stress busters.

Date : 23rd December 2016

ICSE workshop for Environmental Science

Date : 19th – 20th December 2016

ICSE Geography workshop by Ms. Baruna Roychoudhury