Date of Upload: 15th March, 2017

Aarambh Awesome A Day

My Awesome ‘A’ Day
Aarambh kids started with their celebrations
Ant, Apple, Alligators, Angels, Astrologers
All dressed up as beautiful creations
Kids had a fun filled day
What an Awesome ‘A’ Day!

Aarambh had a great time celebrating their Awesome ‘A’ Day. Kids were dressed up as Astronauts, Angels, Astrologer, Ant, Apple etc.
The little ones day started the day with ‘Show and Tell’ of their beautiful and innovative surprise bags of ‘A’ objects brought by them. They were all excited showing their things and telling the names of objects. Our kids learnt many new words starting with letter ‘A’ through this activity.   
Kids were very happy to see the movie of ‘Al the Alligator’ and the slide show of ‘A’. Another activity lined up for them was making of an Alligator where kids sponge painted letter A and made their alligators. The fun continued with the scooping of letter A from the pool of letters as well as A as in aerobics and A as in angels as a take away. They also enjoyed colouring their Apple book with pictures of things starting with letter A pasted inside.

Last but not the least; Aarambh kids were given Apple juice to quench their thirst which was enjoyed by all of them. Our Adorable Aarambh kids had an Awesome A day!!!