Date of Upload: 14th March, 2017

Social Service SVN

On 8th March, 2017, students of social service group visited to Sanskaar Vidya Nikatan (SVN) an initiative of TSVS to educate the underprivileged girls. The students were divides into seven groups of four children each in order to perform activities with the girls of age group seven to ten. The activities were mainly to improve their Spoken English and build vocabulary. The students gave the SVN girls placards of images consisting of common objects (such as an apple, a bus, books, etc.) to identify and asked simple spellings too.

It was not just a learning experience for the SVN girls, but TSVS students too. The girls showed the willingness to learn while the social service students showed the willingness to help. We even learned the importance and thirst of knowledge in those to whom it is not easily available.

-Divyanshi Chaturvedi, Ritisha Gajwani and
Social Service Captains( Shalendra Gaur and Shradha Tyagi)