Date of Upload: 10th March, 2017

Assembly by 8E

What makes a better human?...

A class 8 E presentation.

8th March 2017

“Charm is deceitful and beauty fades; but a human who fears the Lord will be praised.”

On this day when the entire globe is celebrating “International Women’s Day ’’; students of The Sanskaar Valley School class 8 CIE took an initiative to celebrate “ Humans” as they got an opportunity to host assembly ; by highlighting some major aspects we as humans pursue with a topic- “ What Makes Us Better Humans”

The Assembly started in a poetic fashion emphasizing on ‘Joy of Life’ and ‘Celebrating Women’ ,followed by a Prayer accompanied by the Prayer Song “Amazing Grace” sung by the entire class.
Continuing the event News updates were given , post which five different panel discussions took place focusing on how Technology , Reading ,Humor ,Sports and Music add onto an individual’s growth as a better human, as they each have their role to play in the empowerment of humane instincts and enriching the shades of human character.
The discussion done by 8 CIE allowed everyone to ponder over good self pressing onto a change in their thought process.
The assembly had three guest speakers from class 8D and 8A, to address us on Women’s Day .This was followed by announcing the house points for the week to keep up the house spirit and words of wisdom by Head of Sopaan Mrs.Lubna Warsi.
The effort made by the students to make this assembly memorable was recognized and appreciated by all.