Date of Upload: 6th March, 2017

Assembly by 8F

Assembly by Grade8 F

Today 3rd March Friday our class 8 F had the privilege to conduct the first assembly of this academic session2017-18.

With this thought in mind we presented our assembly on the topic PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination is a habit not a personal flaw. To bring clarity to this topic we presented a short skit showcasing class scene where one student always had the habit of postponing his work and was finally stressed because of noncompliance.

We procrastinate for various reasons—sometimes, it is to avoid a difficult task or to evade that take longer time in completion. Many procrastinate due to fear of failure or due to lack of well defined goals.

The important step in procrastination is to have well defined goals. Goals have a sense of direction. Goals without action are simply dreams. Just like a camera needs focus to take a good picture, we need goals to make a productive life. So clarify your goals, make plans to achieve and to follow them regularly with sincerity and dedication.

The assembly concluded with lots of praises from the audience .Our block head Ms. Lubna appreciated our efforts.

Class assembly 8 F