Date of Upload: 3rd March, 2017

Bouquet of Happiness - 'Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope'

Spring is on the threshold,
Our students too are ready to unfold
Their creativity
In the ‘Bouquet of Happiness’ activity.
This time the theme is a little distinct,
With flowers they have to incorporate
Fruits and vegetables, to create
A beauty,with their instinct.
Our little angels with their pure imagination
Impressed us with their exquisite creations!

As they balanced the different elements
Unshaken by any impediments,
By doing, they learnt the important lesson
That each individual holds a unique essence
But when brought together
Around them all the magic untethers.
Each succeeded in achieving the goal,
And left an impression of happiness on every soul!

One of the most beautiful creations of God are flowers. God made colourful flowers to spread joy, happiness and positivity. The children of TSVS also exude positivity and gaiety wherever they go. So, to bring out the creativity of children, an activity “BOUQUET OF HAPPINESS” was organized on 3rd March, 2017 by the teachers of Prangan.


The children participated with great fervour. The students of grade 2 were asked to bring dry/artificial or fresh flowers. They also wore floral dresses and accessories. The students of grade 3, 4 and 5 made beautiful bouquets with the help of flowers, fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable peels.


The students of grade 5 also conducted a survey across all the blocks of TSVS wherein, they enquired about the most popular flower , among Rose , Lily , Lotus , Orchid and Tulip . The symbol of love and friendship– “ROSE” was chosen as the most popular flower.


This activity was conducted to encourage team work and togetherness.


As children worked in different groups , they got an opportunity to become responsible and independent . Meanwhile , they also made new friends .


This activity brought out the talent of children . Once again the children learnt a lot through this fun and frolic activity.