Date of Upload: 3rd March, 2017

The Prefectorial Council

For the first time in the history of sopaan , the junior council was held in 1st march 2017. The children from the senior most grade 8th were selected and were honoured by the head of sopaan - lubna maam, academic co-ordinator-ms. Swapna choubey, activity co-ordinator- ms. Sweta tiwari and the exisitiing senior council. Members for various badges were elected . They pledged the oath to show prominent leadership and work for the welfare of the school. The compering was nicely done by the comperers. Inspiring words were spoken by our principal- dr. Saha to motivate us and to keep up the spirits high. The council then stayed back for a photographic session. Overall the whole prefectorial ceremony was a spectacle and at last a success. The show was well organised