Date of Upload: 3rd March, 2017

Social Services 2017-18

On 21st February, 2017 (Tuesday) students of the social service group from classes 9th, 10th and 12th donated notebooks to the girls of Sanskaar Vidya Nikatan ( SVN ) with immense joy and happiness. SVN is an initiative of TSVS to provide education to under privileged girls and sanskaarians regularly keep donating stationary and study materials to these girls to support their education.

Social Service Captains (Shalendra Gaur and Shradha Tyagi)



On 28th February, 2017, students of the Social Service group of TSVS witnessed a very active social worker, Mrs. Shubhani Ghosh. She started a school for the underprivileged students called 'PARVARISH'. She started her journey with just forty students and now hundred and fifty students from over 10 slums in Bhopal are under the guidance of Mrs. Ghosh through Parvirish. Not only did she enriched the students with her stories of hardships and showed us the other, darker side of the world, but also motivated each one of us to serve. Serve the needy and the happiness and joy of service. She explained to us that service doesn't mean giving all your materialistic possessions, but the true meaning of service is to give your most precious possession, time. Time that we can, and we should all try and take out from our busy schedules to serve the society, the underprivileged and rather than just sympathizing with them, we should rather empathize.


Ashewarya Singh Deo, Leher Kochar and Pankhuri, who are the alumni of our school, are still associated with Parvarish and are sponsoring children. Whenever they are in Bhopal they visit Parvarish and spend time with Parvarish children. We Sanskaarians learned a lot from Mrs. Shibani Ghosh and look forward to serve the society under her guidance in association with Parvarish because after all,


-Mahatma Gandhi
-Shradha Tyagi and Shalendra Gaur
(Social Service Captains)