Date of Upload: 1st March, 2017

Report: Satya House Meeting

Satya, the emblem of truth and honesty which is represented by the royal colour blue, exhibits the strength and valour of a person. This quality is embedded in all the members of the Satya House which has always proved to be a great asset to oneself.

The Satya house meeting was held in the shikhar courtyard on 23rd February, 2017 headed by the Satya House Captain Arpan Kapoor, Vice House Captain Saud Hanfi and the members of Satya house in grade 12th. The meeting was under the supervision of Satya House coordinator Mr. Arun Pillai along with other teachers which included Mrs. Navita Shrivastava, Mrs. Kajal Marwaha, Mrs. Suchi Shukla, Mrs. Sumita Chakraborty, Mr. Somnath Ganguly and Mr. Raghuraj Khullar. The ex-House Captain Ritambhara and ex- Vice House Captain Amol graced the meeting and thereby increased its prestige and esteem.

As the meeting went ahead, the new chants were introduced by grade 12th which made the aura of the place filled with positivity and enthusiasm. These chants were then practiced again and again in order to make the house’s presence felt to the other houses. Further, the previous House Captains were presented a memento as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the House.

Then, the feeling of house spirit deepened as the whole house sang its house song. Thereafter, both the house captains briefed the meeting about the new initiative of house cup where houses compete amongst themselves. It was then described that the house cup would cover the three main aspects of discipline, competitions and academics. The mascot of the house, a ‘dragon’ was also declared during the course of the meeting. The upcoming competitions were also discussed as the meeting made its way forward.

Furthermore, an activity was introduced where two concentric circles were to be made, facing the same side. Then, music had to be played when these respective circles had to move to their left and had to keep on moving until and unless the music stops. As soon as the music stops, a person has to interact with the person he/she is facing without using I, me, myself or anything of that sort. This activity was then performed by the members of the house. This activity was fairly successful if given an honest opinion but nonetheless, it was a good learning experience for the students. The activity promoted communication and bridged the gap amongst them. This activity was the most enjoyed aspect as per the feedback given by the students.

Moving further, the new class 9th students expressed their areas of interest one by one followed by the respected teachers of the house who took out some time for us, the students to provide with some words of wisdom which inevitably motivated the students to strive for excellence. Following this, we came to an end of this fruitful meeting out which the students could extract some useful learning.

- Arpan Kapoor ( Satya House Captain)