Date of Upload: 28th February, 2017

Welcome Week Neev ll

It’s back to school we go!
Its back to school we go!
It’s time to make new class friends,
It’s back to school we go!!

Children were excited to be back to the school after a long break. First week was planned as a welcome week for them so that they become comfortable in the new class.


The week started with the Morning Prayer and after that the children enjoyed a beautiful welcome Song “Welcome, welcome! Greet our day…” Then they introduced each other with the Rhyme Game “Here we sit together…”


The kids enjoyed their Welcome activity in which handprints of the children were taken on a sheet with white paint as their first impression in Neev II. After this, their handprints were attached together and formed a circle and welcome was written in the centre, forming a Welcome wreath.

Children brought very creative “Box of me” with all their favourite things and showed it to their friends.
Teachers read the beautiful messages written by the parents for their beloved kids.
After this they made an amazing family tree with their family photographs.
Children also did a takeaway activity with the handprint of child outside the card and handprint of teacher inside the card. The First day experience of the kids was also explained with the help of a beautiful poem.
The highlight of the week was the BIG BOUNCY that had been especially arranged for the kids. The children jumped, turned, tossed to their heart’s content and went home with the memories that will be cherished for a long time
The ‘Class Rules’ chart, about the overall discipline, was made by the children with the help of their teachers. They also learnt about the five Magical words: Sorry, Please, Thank you, Excuse me, and You’re Welcome
‘What is in the Bag?’ was a very interesting game played by the kids that enhanced their imagination and speaking skills.
The week ended with a yummy dessert party. Children brought ingredients from their home and with the help of the teachers they made a cake dessert.