Date of Upload: 16th February, 2017

Boarding Girls Visits Bharat Bhavan for watching Bharatnatyam

Report by Nandita Gattani XII CB

The boarding students were taken to Bharat Bhavan on 16 February 2017 by Mr. Ganpat Swarup Pathak to witness the Bharat Natyam Samooh Nritya. The Show began with a melodious and deep performance by talented Parwati Baul who is famous for her baul singing in Bengali. It is truly said that music connects souls because the way she was indulged in her singing left the audience in a rapture.


This was followed by Bharat Natyam performance by Ria Jha, Mohika Saxena, Aarohi Munshi and Madhura Chattopadhyaya who are disciple of the Celebrity Dr. Lata Munshi.

Truly, dance is a language itself. Through their expression and beautiful dancing the girls portrayed the stories of lord Krrishna and Ram.

The students were delighted to be the audience of such a great performance and they got golden opportunity to indulge themselves in the precious Indian culture.