Date of Upload: 25th February, 2017

Aarambh Welcome Week Activities

It’s a beautiful world here in Aadhar, With lots of learning & play. Kids love to go on swings, With them lot of happiness they bring! At times they miss their mom-dad, But with friends & teachers; they become glad
See me skip, See me run. I am going to school like everyone. See me smile, See me grin. Lots of activities we are wrapped in. See me work, See me play, I am going to school, My First Day!

O Wow! What a lovely day it was when our little kiddos came to the school for the very first time. There were lots of mixed feelings on the face of our little ones. Some were excited…some were happy…some had tears…some were taking naps…. We welcomed our tiny tots by planning lots of activities for them for the whole week. Their 1st day started with the swings followed by bouncy and the craft activities, fun games, snack time and chit-chatting with their new friends.

They were very happy playing on the swings, merry-go-round, coming down through the slides etc. Aarambh kids enjoyed, making and wearing a smiley headgear which they took home giving a feeling of delight to the parents. Another activity lined up is the hand-print card activity. Last but not the least, photographs were taken to make their day memorable and was enjoyed by our toddlers.


Aarambh kids were happy making their ‘Friendship-Wreath’ which made them realize that they all belong to the same class. They were super excited to make their ‘Minions’ through which they were told that they are “One in a Million”.

Kids were very happy carrying the lollipop butterflies by doing smudge painting. Bouncy and swing area remains the favourite time for the kids. Along with all these, the little ones were made to hear Bubbles story wherein they were told that school is fun. Little nap in between added to their rejuvenation.



Game lined up for the kids was ‘Bowling Game’ where kids turn by turn did bowling. They also made new friends and played with them.

Day 4

As 4th day was much happier and a settled day; the Aarambh kids started their day with prayer followed by rhymes. The little ones made heart shaped cards for their mom-dad to tell them that now they have become comfortable in their class. Aarambh kids made their hand-print crowns where they became ‘Aarambh’s Princess & Prince.’ They were also briefed about their class, cubbyholes & washrooms.