Date of Upload: 14th February, 2017

Round Square Conference Banglore FEB 14 - 17 , 2017

Round Square is about sharing unique ideas and ambitious goals in the conference delegates get a chance for an exciting , inspirational and life – changing educational experience through various activities

Host school

Bangalore International School

Schools Participated

1 .The Sanskaar Valley School 2 . Pathways World school 3 . Welham Boys School 4 . Sarla Birla Academy 5 . Emerald Heights International School 6 . Mayo College 7 . The Punjab Public School 8 . Trivendrum International School 9. The British School 10. Bangalore International school 11 . Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School 12 . Inverture Academy

Day 1, 14th Feb

Registration and Ice breaking


Delegates were provided kit for Round Square, which included bag, t-shirt, pen and notepad. All the delegates were supposed to fill two forms one before watching the movie and one after watching the movie. The name of the movie was “Before The Floods”. The movie was a 2016 documentary film about climate change. The narrator was the famous actor Leonardo De Caprio.

Next was the icebreaking session where the students had formed groups by the month of their birth. The learning of the activity was associating with new people speedily and delivering results in proper co-ordination.

Day 2, 15th Feb

Opening ceremony and Visthar visit

The opening ceremony began with a march past of all participant schools. Principal of BIS Mrs.Anu Monga hoisted the Round Square flag followed by group photograph. For the Visthar visit delegates had to wear the official Round Square t-shirt. It was a group of 31 delegates, who were supposed to perform 5 different group activities. The activities were - Storytelling, dance, paper mache, movie theatre and doll making. Through all these activities delegates learnt about the present climatic situation and their conservation, farmers daily life, use of organic products, recycling of paper.

Day 3, 16th Feb

Anandana visit, barraza session, cultural evening, disco night and Principal’s dinner

Anandana is a knowledge and research organization for organic farming. Core strength of anandana is in seed conservation for nutritious and better production. We visited anandana in the morning where we were served fresh watermelon pulpy delight,which was cultivated at Anandana farms .

Baraza was a group discussion and a debate session. We discussed the causes of global warming and few of us suggested prevention of it.

This was an interactive and informative session, where we learnt the importance of healthy food and their cultivation techniques. Delegates also learnt the threat of global warming to the world and few prevention measures.

In the cultural evening the delegates from our school performed on the popular musical number, “Rang De Basanti”.

During the disco night all the delegates tapped their feet on DJ, which was followed by Principal’s dinner.