Date of Upload: 25th February, 2017

Welcome Week-Neev l

“Sometimes, I feel happy; Sometimes, I feel sad; and sometimes, I feel both, at the same time”; such is the story of tiny tots coming to school for the first time. We believe that all kids need a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them and we at Aadhar provide this hope, help and trust to them from the moment they set their foot in. So the journey of 'glooms to blooms’, 'misery to solace' and 'bewildered strangers to happy buddies' started with the very first minute of the "Welcome Week".

After a loving, benevolent and empathic welcome by their teachers the kids were shown around and made familiar with the Aadhar Block, their learning & fun areas, where they would be spending most of their happy time. Fun filled joyous activities like 'Bouncy Play', 'Buddy activities' and 'Puppet Show' made them comfortable and helped in bonding with their new friends and mentors.



Little ones made an imprint of their hands on the cards to tell their parents that "They left their heart in school, their First Day of School was so cool"


Doing 'family photo collage' and sticking emotions on chart ('feelings in the air') made them bond with their peers and strike a chord of friendship. They consolidated their self esteem and confidence by 'sticking stars on their names'. They loved and enjoyed the ‘My first week in Aadhar' activity which was a conglomeration of four acts; drawing picture of their mother and coloring of the school picture, palm printing and finally drawing their own pictures. This proved the real ice-breaker and fun filler. To top it all were the delicious meals served in the dining hall which they savored.



As the ice is broken and the barriers shattered they will now gel well with both the teachers and friends and enjoy the coming times in the school and learn with ease. It will be a pleasure to us as "There is nothing more wonderful to teaching than watching caterpillar becoming butterflies".