Date of Upload: 22nd February, 2017

Welcome Week in Aadhar- Day 2


Day 2 was equally exciting with again a plethora of activities and unlimited fun! Aarambh “We are 1 in a Minion” We are special. We are the kiddos of Aarambh!!

Audio-visual fun! Watching their favourite cartoon and that too in school!

We all are friends now in Aarambh.
Let’s make a friendship Wreath to hang on our wall.

Story time of course is the best time!

I loved listening to you Ma’am, but can I read one on my own?

An already exciting day ended with the Bouncy again! What fun!!!!

Neev I kids played a ‘Passing the parcel’ game in Circle Time to get to know the names of all their friends in class followed by an art activity.

Each kid made a flower by colouring it and pasting his/her picture on it. The flowers were then collected and planted in a pot with the caption’ We are Unique and Beautiful but together we are a Masterpiece’. This activity was aimed at making each child feel special and an important part of the class.

We are happy is to see our kids grow, and while they do, they leave their handprints wherever they go. Before they fade away we want to capture those handprints in our own way.

Neev II kids too had a blast! They enjoyed the reading of messages from their parents which brought a smile on their faces.

‘Painting your Imagination’ was another activity enjoyed by the kids. They put on paper just anything that came to their mind and made little booklets and pasted on their class door.

Making class rules was quite an interesting activity with the rules coming from the kids themselves showing they do know right from wrong!