Date of Upload: 22nd February, 2017

First Day in Aadhar

Another year has begun
Promising to be one full of excitement & fun
As the kids step into school with a big, big smile
They’re ready for just about anything
Just let them tarry and play a while!
Let’s sit in a circle, for in Circle time that’s what we do
Get to know each other and of course our teachers too!

Let’s be creative, let’s have some ‘messy fun’
Let’s dip our hands in paint and create a masterpiece!
A little gift to take for mom .......oh! the fun has just begun!!!

It’s now time for some more play......
What could be better than a Bouncy Castle
Jumping and sliding on it...........
It’s fun all the way!!!

A message from my parents, just a “Love you”
Makes me think of home

But then I get busy again, there’s so much more to do! I have to look for my buddy, my special friend for the day Of here she is................................Hurray!!!!!!!

So much work made us hungry
So off to the dining hall we go
Yummy food, great company
and of course hot and crispy ‘jalebis’
to which you just can’t say no!
Painting with sponge, making a mess Handprints on paper or just free play Is how we learn in Aarambh, the most special place of all Look at us, we’re having a ball!!!

My ‘Box of Me’ has so many stories to tell
It is all about me..........
Would you like to know about me my friend?


So many good memories we made today to treasure
How about framing them, so that we will always remember
All the good times we had on our first day of school

Let’s all squeeze in and say “cheeeeeeeese!”
For a pic that’s really, really cool!

Though some of us cried as we missed our mom and home Our teachers made us laugh and played with us too I don’t think I will cry tomorrow For now I know school is so much fun