Date of Upload: 14th November, 2017

Bit Strip Comic Strip Designing competition for Grade III

A comic strip is a fun way to channel child’s creativity & to capture it in pictures and words. Comic Strip for kids helps discover an easy way to bring out the artist and storyteller in them. Keeping this thought in mind, Bit Strips- a Comic Strip designing Competition was organised from 30th October-3rd November 2017. The students used MS Word 2016 software to design their Comic strip and showcase their creativity and technical skills. The topics for creating comic strip were- Never Tell Lie, we should care for Environment, Health and Happiness go hand in hand, Discipline in School is Important, we should take care of our rivers to save our future and Respect your Elders. The links below has a few creations by students & a list of winners.

Akshay Oswal 3B

Anarghya Amit Jain 3F

Rhydum 3C

Rishikrishna Menon 3A

Yatharth 3D

Yusuf 3E

Bit Strip Competition
(30th to 3rd November 2017)
Name  Grade Position
Rishikrishana Menon III A I
Aarvi Rajput III A II
Tanya Singhai III A III
Akshay Oswal III B I
Anushka Dubey III B II
Aarav Sharma III B III
Rhydum Kejriwal III C I
Ira Bisoniya III C II
Simar Kalsi III C III
Yatharth Agarwal III D I
Lailarukh Mehmood III D II
Sanskaar Pardasani III D III
Yusuf Ghafoor III E I
Tanish Kadre III E II
Samruddhi Vaidya III E III
Anarghya Amit Jain III F I
Saanvi Gupta III F II
Naisha Bansal III F III