Date of Upload: 20th February, 2017

Sopaan Welcome Day Report

You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!

It was a bright sunny day by the time children arrived this morning. Lots of smiles and enthusiasm was seen from kids & teachers alike .

After a refreshing break, the students of Sanskaar are back in action!

Grade 6 felt quite grown up and special as they came to Sopaan, to climb from the new patio to the flight of stairs. At the entrance gate, vermilion was put on the foreheads of our new chirpies and birdies as a sign of welcome. The teachers showered flower petals as a blessing on our little angels.

Each one was made to feel special as they entered into their new classroom along with their class teachers who had various ice- breaking sessions kept in store for them. Many more fun activities were lined up to make the day full of fun.

Students were super excited to meet their new buddies, teacher and new class room on day 1.

Even the teachers were found too smiling happily to have the kids back in school. Sopaan was not the same without them! The classes have now commenced for all the levels of Sopaan and the children are infused with lot of enthusiasm and zest to learn and explore.

Seeing every student proudly and joyfully walk into Sopaan, everyone is excited and is looking forward to a fruitful new school year.