Date of Upload: 18th February, 2017

Orientation Day at Aadhar

The pre- primary block of Aadhar had their 12th orientation where new as well as the old parents were welcomed to the new session. They were addressed by the, the director Mrs Jyoti Agrawal, the Principal Dr Amlan K Saha and the Head of Aadhar, Ms Neetu  Singh.  The parents were apprised of the new initiatives of the school as well as the forthcoming events.


After the session in Umang Hall, the parents moved to the new classes where they met the teachers and got to know each other. The classes were full of colour with the beautiful message and birthday boards, all done up for the students who will be coming in on the 20th of February for the new session..


Parents at work!

Listening to Ma’am!


An overview of the curriculum, teaching methodology and co-curricular activities was presented throughout a ppt.


The parents wrote messages for their children to be read out on Monday, the first day of the new session. A small box with seeds signifying trust and faith was gifted to the parents by the teachers to take home with them.


A message for my child, Just to say “I love you”