Date of Upload: 20th September, 2017

ISA : Learning History Through Seal-Making

The students indulged in Indus Seal making under the ISA project underthe able guidance of the school craft instructor, Mr. Mukesh Prajapati. The students tried to emulate the skills adopted for making the 'Bull seal' and the 'Pashupatiseal and perhaps understand a script that has remained undeciphered since its discovery.Moreover, the students also learned about one of the first trade systems and one of the first seal systems. At the same time, the children, through the Pashupati seal could learn about Pahupati, the precursor of Lord Shiva and about Sanatana Dharma, the precursor of modern Hinduism. The day ended with muddied hands, brightened smiles and minds enriched by their own history.

Report by: Yash Gupta