Date of Upload: 10th February, 2017

Grade 8 Farewell Day

‘It’s not the goodbyes that hurt but the flashbacks that follow’


The message of bidding Farewell to our Grade 8 was based on the above thought. They are moving a step ahead and it is this juncture that we, the Sopaan family, wanted to convey our heartfelt emotions to all our grade 8 students. Growing up is fun and growing up brings responsibilities that requires hard work and dedication. All the students dream of moving ahead, excited but scared as well. This conflict of their mind was relaxed through a tug of war, amongst themselves and with the teachers too.

This merriment and jollity was brought to them to make them hassle free that bidding farewell….from Aadhar to Prangan, from Prangan to Sopaan, now from Sopaan to Shikhar and from there to the world is a symbol of their development and growth.

A Soccer Match was played, teachers versus students that sought everyone’s attention. The zeal and enthusiasm of everyone was immeasurable.

The day ended with an ice cream treat, relished by all!!!!!! .

Every ending has a new beginning and ………..

Every beginning has the best wishes of elders, teachers and juniors..

We wish our Sopaanians shine like stars and make us proud of being the true Sanskaarians by core.