Date of Upload: 16th September, 2017

English Choral Recitation

Prangan - Grade 2

Poetry is a wonderful way to introduce children to language and the beauty of words. And choral recitation is a way to imbibe oneness and unity in students. They can perform better when they forget the ‘I’ in themselves and think of ‘We’.  A single synchronized sound, the beautiful harmony created by a whole class at one go was divine and beyond words. 

Once again poems came live in Prangan as we had our Choral Recitation Presentation on 15th September for 2s. The spell bounding sound of the choirs of thirty students echoed in Umang hall this Friday. Students were well versed with the poems which they were learning since a week. The students felt proud and confident about their performance and were happy to learn new poems in this manner. 

They were trained intensively by their English teachers. They were taught how to recite with clarity, diction, rhythm and co-ordination.