Date of Upload: 8th February, 2017

Celebration Week in Aadhar- Day 3&4

Day 3&4


Day 3 of the Celebration Week was a ‘Healthy’ one with the kids making their own ‘Subway’ salad. The children went around the tables where all the ingredients were displayed and made a salad with all the things of their choice. They learnt about the importance of healthy food and also the taste of various seasonings. The kids really relished having something that they had prepared..


The kids had a lot of fun with colours as they did bubble wrap painting and made naughty dinosaurs, or ‘just played with patterns using their imagination and putting their creativity on paper. Aarambh kids made ‘I am Special’ posters enjoying finger painting and just messing around with colours!


Picnic out in the open was another activity that added to the enjoyment! The children enjoyed sharing the food they had brought from home with their friends and just basking in the sun!


Nirmaan was given a farewell by the different forms where they presented Good bye dances in Kalanjali which were enjoyed by all the kids.


Nirmaan kids also presented a medley of dances and bid goodbye to their friends and teachers in Aadhar.