Date of Upload: 11th September, 2017

A Special SAP on Plagiarism & its Consequences

Plagiarism and its Consequences- A Special SAP for grade 11 and 12

As a part of senior school Project Mission C2 (Create or Credit) - A drive to avoid plagiarism, a special SAP was conducted for students of  grade 11 and 12 to bring awareness about Plagiarism and its consequences. The SAP was conducted by Mr. Raghu Pandey (author of book imature and a subject expert on Internet Maturity) and Mrs. Sonia Wadhwa (the IT Manager of School).

Mr. Pandey discussed the acts that come under plagiarism, ways to avoid plagiarism and discussed best practices . Mr Pandey also talked about creative common licenses, open source software, intellectual property rights, patent and public domain. 

Mrs Wadhwa shared real life examples of consequences of Plagiarism, discussed academic integrity including paraphrasing, importance of citing sources and writing bibliography. She also explained how students can use the reference tab in MS Word and Artificial Intelligence of OneNote software to avoid plagiarism.