Date of Upload: 8th February, 2017

Celebration Week in Aadhar- Day 2

Day 2


The second day of the week had the Art Mela where the children made colourful drawings on the themes given to them. They spread out all over Kalanjali and Madhya lawns and enjoyed the activity out in the sun.


The Aarambhites were busy painting with water colours -they ended up with more colour on their clothes than on paper! They also enjoyed moving around the trees doing ‘Bark Drawing”. It was a new experience for them and an activity that they enjoyed to the fullest!


Neev I was asked to draw anything with basic shapes and they ended up making just about anything- shapes or no shapes. They just drew whatever came to their mind and had lots and lots of fun which was the idea behind the whole exercise!


Neev II too gave wings to their imagination and creativity to make colourful drawings of the beautiful world around. The favourite topic for most of the boys was animals- giraffes, lions and even rhinos!!


Nirmaan could be seen in the Madhya lawns, lying around in the grass, drawing just about anything that came to their mind, some were still in the Republic Day mood and drew India’s flags and National symbols. While others drew inspiration from their surroundings; some even acted as each other’s subjects and took turns drawing each other!


The fun was not just limited to do this! The kids of Nirmaan visited the next country on their itinerary –USA and learnt about its culture and various facts about the country.


The Photograph folder activity continued in the classes with the kids busy sponge painting the cutouts of their handprints and having a gala time doing it.


“Every kid is a star in his/her own way”- Aarambh kids learnt the spellings of their names by putting stars on the letters.


Neev II kids made naughty finger puppet caterpillars to carry home with them to bring them back as beautiful butterflies when they come back to their classes!