Date of Upload: 30th August, 2017

Prangan PTM Display on ISA Projects

PTM DISPLAY ABOUT ISA Action Plan -2 and 3

The world is under increasing pressure to conserve nature’s biological diversity in ways that are scientifically sound, practical and consistent. Sustainability of natural resources and maintaining the flora and fauna of the ecosystem is the need of the hour.

To draw attention to the cause and implement this goal, The Eco-Ambassadors of Prangan  as a part of the ISA Project Action Plan-2 – “Save Our Saviours- The Plants ” created awareness about conservation of our ecosystem  through the display of their projects on the PTM day. These projects were carried out in each class and everyone enthusiastically contributed to it. Their projects explicitly displayed the concept and showcased the names of organizations and individuals worldwide who work to protect  various ecosystems.

The projects were carried out in the following categories in the Prangan Block:

Grade -2 Organisations that help in conserving Terrestrial Ecosystem

Grade -3 Organisations that help in conserving Aquatic Ecosystem-

Grade -4 Organisations that help in conserving the Abiotic Ecosystem                 

Grade 5-Personalities Known For Ecosystem Conservation

Posters on duties of a good neighbour were also displayed to inculcate love and respect for neighbours, appreciate diversity across and aim at unity as a part of ISA Project Action Plan -3- “Autopilot your life to help others fly”.       

The efforts of students and the teachers were highly appreciated by the parents.