Date of Upload: 21st August, 2017

Incredible India

Festivals and traditions, the ‘Aadhar ‘of India

Celebrated with fervour, on our 71st  Independence Day

Each class a state, each child an ambassador,

Spreading the message of unity and peace

In their own little way!

Unity in diversity is our strength and our varied and rich culture our pride and what better way to celebrate our Independence Day than by teaching our children to be proud of their country.

Keeping this in mind, Independence Day in Aadhar was celebrated in a different way this year. Each class represented a state and the children learnt about the history, language, festivals , monuments, food, dances etc of that state through slide shows, activities and a  ‘hands on’ participation in decorating the class through the week . Each state was visited by the kids on the 17th while the parents were invited to be a part of the celebration on the 18th of August.

The different states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Uttar Pradesh came alive with the colourful decorations, monuments and handicrafts on display and the vibrant costumes. Each visitor was greeted in the regional language of the particular state and invited to meet the CM and other celebrities of the state, taste the local cuisine as well as enjoy the dance performance. The students talked about their states' history and enlightened the guests on the various facets of the state. The students and teachers were dressed up in the traditional costumes and added colour to the festivity!

The whole block reverberated with music filtering in from the classes as the kids performed the Garba in Gujarat or the Bhangra in Punjab; the Bihu in Assam or the Lavni of Maharashtra. The little kiddos of Aarambh performed on ‘Bumro Bumro’ while the South Indian states put up amazing classical dance performances!

And Rural India being an important part of who we are, was represented too with the activity teachers recreating the village of Chandanpura with a ‘haat’, ‘khet’, ‘kutiya, ‘halwai’,  ‘ a potter’s wheel and a  ‘Gram Panchayat’. The teachers enacted out the various facets of village life with a message of education for all and putting a stop to open defecation.  


A glimpse of the rich and varied culture and heritage of India sure made us feel proud to be Indians!