Date of Upload: 18th August, 2017

Watan Mera India Week


The “Watan Mera India Week “in ‘Sopaan’ block of The Sanskaar Valley School began on 8th August 2017 with the History Quiz named as “Histographia” which covered questions based on Current Affairs, Indian Freedom Struggle and Our Earth. The Quiz was conducted in the classes itself and the students of ‘Sopaan’ participated in it with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour. Each class was divided into three teams and questions were asked to each one of them. Based on the correct responses the team with the highest score won the quiz and was given sweets as rewards. The children of Sopaan enjoyed the event, which was done in the KBC style. Following the quiz was a short video on “Wagah Border Parade” which was shown to the students to infuse the spirit of Independence. The week will see the students display their models of the various monuments of the famous heritage sites in the world, which they have studied as part of their curriculum. They will talk about the features of each one of them in detail. The week culminated with a class assembly on “ International Heritage Walk” conducted by the students of Class 6 D in which they showed a few historical heritage sites of the world.