Date of Upload: 17th August, 2017

The Learning Lab

"If I cant learn the way you teach, will you teach me the way I learn"

As many as 30 million school-going children in India experience learning differences, nearly 20 percent of the entire school going population. These are bright children, sometimes even gifted, who struggle at school as a result of differences in their brain wiring.

Inclusive Education is a pairing of philosophy and pedagogy with the aim of ensuring that no child, who is on a different plane from expectations and general norms, feels alienated and inadequate.  Accurate and timely help for children who have learning challenges, enables them to develop necessary skills in reading, writing and math. It also helps them to maintain self-esteem, acquire a sense of mastery and competency and paves the way for a brighter future that would otherwise be dimmed by repeated failure.

 The School believes that Learning should be a joyful experience for all and to this end we now  have a Special Needs Department  called ‘The Learning Lab’ to support the students who are differently abled .