Date of Upload: 8th February, 2017

The Princess Who Couldn't Dance

“Don’t dance with your mind, dance with your heart

Follow the rhythm of nature around you

Laugh with your lips and then with your heart and then with your feet ...”.



This is what Diandra, the princess who couldn’t dance learns from the fairy and the trees, flowers, animals, water and wind-her dancing masters who teach her to dance so beautifully that from a ‘Princess who couldn’t dance’, Diandra becomes the ‘Princess who danced and danced and danced....’!


The pre-primary students of the Aadhar block of The Sanskaar Valley School took home the Runners up Trophy in the inter-school ‘Musical Story Enactment’ competition held at DPS, Kolar. 15 children of KG I & KG II took part in the play ‘The Princess Who Couldn’t Dance’. They displayed a variety of skills they learn in school like rope skipping, gymnastics, dance and singing in the play. The recording of the music and dialogues as well as the songs was also done in the school itself by the students and teachers. Fresh flowers and leaves were used in the costumes as well as the props to be in sync with nature, the real dancing master in the play! It was indeed an exciting day for the kids as well as the teachers! The same play was performed in the school in Kalanjali for the students and teachers of Aadhar as well as the parents of the participants. The principal Dr Amlan K Saha gave away the trophies and certificates. It was an exciting experience for all!