Date of Upload: 11th August, 2017

Celebration Day at Aadhar!!!


A lovely bright day with the little children dressed so colourfully in traditional Indian attire added to the mood of the festivities. The Independence Day celebration began with a wonderful assembly where we had important freedom fighters, played by the Aadhar teachers, telling the children the Story of the freedom struggle. Followed by this, were song and dance performances by our didis. The children loved watching heir didis as this is a rare sight. In addition, we had Dhanishta sing ‘Yashomati Maiya’ so melodiously that the audience were enthralled by her performance. The assembly ended with the National Anthem played by Sansriti from Nirmaan F.

Back in class, the children were shown videos on the ‘Story of the Freedom Struggle.’ An activity related to it was done in the classes, where the children wrapped the saplings that they had already planted in the class a week before.

There was a nice spread for breakfast with a variety of items the children liked to eat. After breakfast, the celebrations continued and it was time to celebrate Janmashtami. They learnt about Lord Krishna’s heroic deeds from his childhood and some stories during the DEAR time.


The  song Nand Ghar Anand BhayoJai Kanhaiya Lal Ki, Hathi Ghoda Palki Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki  and other catchy songs were played for our little  Radhas & Krishnas, Gwalas & Gopis as they gathered around the central courtyard to watch the highlight of the day which  was "Matki Phod". There were two teams; driver bhaiyas and cleaner bhaiyas who made a human pyramid and broke the Matkis. There was a lot of cheering by the students. After this, the children and teachers danced before getting back to class.

Janmashtmi without sweet is incomplete, the kids made Panjiri in class by mixing sugar powder, dry fruits and roasted flour, and they all loved making it.

The children enjoyed the day, although hectic, there was so much learning!