Date of Upload: 29th July, 2017

An Excursion to a Plant Nursery

Going on a field trip

Greenery all around

Lovely to be with nature

Playfulness with smiles….

Learning about the environment...

was worth going that extra mile!



Neev I and Aarambh kids had an exciting day at the Rose Garden where they went for a field trip to learn about the environment.  Their day started off with happiness on their faces as they boarded the buses with their friends and teachers.

The kids were shown many things related to the nature and environment like plants, flowers etc and how they grow. They saw different types of plants- creepers, bushes, flowering plants, trees etc.

The sight of the  pink lotus flowers  in the pond was very exciting for them as it was the first time they had seen one and now will be able to relate to it when they study about the national Symbols of India. Amidst nature, they were also briefed about seasons, it being their EVS topic. Kids also saw ducks and rabbits which added to the excitement.  Moving around in the open green field.. learning about their environment...playing with their friends and having lunch outside school was an experience each child loved.