Date of Upload: 24th July, 2017

SAP Workshop : Dimension in Mathematics by Prof. Tulsi Srinivasan from Ashoka University

On the 24th of July, 2017,  The Sanskaar Valley School organised a workshop on mathematics for math students in grade 11 and 12. The session began with a fascinating Workshop on dimensions in Mathematics by Ms. Tulsi Srinivasan, Professor Ashoka University. She introduced students to the contradictions that occur between our intuition and the rules of math in relation to shapes. The students participated in an interactive session that appealed to their inner mathematicians, and to learn to overcome the barriers of instinct in favour of  a more accurate mathematical approach.  The workshop left the students feeling enlightened, and excited to further explore the topics they were introduced to. 

The session on math was followed by an informative introductory session on Ashoka University. The representative, Ms. Parul Tulsiyan, told students in detail about the various programs and amenities provided by the University to students as well as the massive variety and range of subjects offered. She also answered queries and enlightened students on the admission process in the University. All in all, a very productive and informative day.