Date of Upload: 24th July, 2017

Life Skills Workshops by Terracotta

Terracotta began the first phase of its Life Skills Workshops on 14th July, they conducted 2 workshops for each batch from class I to XII. The workshops covered various aspects of thinking skills, social skills and emotional well-being. The workshops are imparted through experiential methodology where the students are engaged in an activity through games, simulations, discussions etc.

During the first phase a plethora of topics like Speaking Positive, World of Money, Critical Thinking, News and Views etc were covered. Students were enthusiastic and completely involved in the learning experience and displayed eagerness to learn more.

Real life application is one of the key aspects of these workshops. Students of Grade 8 had World of News they gained knowledge about facts and opinions and displayed the same by marking it out in the news papers. Grade 6 and 7 started their journey with thinking skills where they learnt about Critical Thinking they analyzed various advertisements and realized the false claims these ads make. Grade 4 and 5 learnt about World of Money they were taught about how money is made in a society and why does the society look down on low wage earners, as a good will gestures these students distributed Thank You notes to cleaning staff and mess staff.


The first phase started on a positive note and students are looking forward to learning more about the mysteries of life through Life Skills workshops.


Terracotta Workshop feedback by students


Shubhika Lal

Class- V E

The trainers told us about life skills and we enjoyed playing game on Team work. In the next session we understood value of money. Rolling a dice and playing a game on ‘Sanskaarpur’ was fun.



Vasudha Dutta

Class- VIII E


The terracotta workshop has been an enriching experience. We learn all about life-the rights, the wrong, the necessities. Through role plays and speeches, I have found this amazing class fun and knowledgeable at the same time.

I would like to end this by saying that this workshop is a must for everyone.



Aditya Gupta

Class- X


Terracotta is an amazing platform for including critical thinking in young minds. It intrigues me

to develop myself socially and broaden my mental horigon.


Tashi Kamladin Rwalshrangpa

Class- X

The workshop was led by two men who presented themselves affably before us and taught is invaluable lesson that we shall cherish. Every session is always one that we look forward to.